Senate and Chair Stipends

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This Code is established under the authority prescribed in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Associated Students of California State University, Northridge, Inc.

The purpose of this Code shall be to outline and define the manner and guidelines related to stipends awarded to the AS Senator, Standing Committee Chair, and Standing Committee Vice Chair.

This Code shall be effective when approved by a majority vote of the Associated Students Senate.

This Code may be amended by a majority of the total voting membership of the Associated Students Senate.


The Chairs of Associated Students shall be responsible for fulfilling their duties as outlined in Article XIII of the Associated Student Constitution.


If an AS Senator, Standing Committee Chair, or Standing Committee Vice Chair leaves office or is removed from office, they shall no longer be eligible for the remaining stipend(s) of that academic year, beginning the week after vacating their respective position.


  • The amount of the stipend received by Senators, Standing Committee Chairs, and Standing Committee Vice Chairs shall be determined in the Annual Budget and approved by the Personnel Board.
  • Stipends are awarded for a set number of “pay periods” according to the annual budget. They are not tied to performance or attendance but are a stipend/gift from Associated Students to the student leader. Senators who are in office at the time of the first week of the Fall/Spring semester begin receiving a stipend on that date. Stipends are issued every two weeks, for a maximum of 7 stipends per semester. A stipend may include only the amount designated for a Senator or may be adjusted to include the additional amount recognizing service as either a Committee Chair or Vice Chair. A Senator, Standing Committee Chair, or Standing Committee Vice Chair who vacates their seat through formal resignation, or through absences, also relinquishes their expectation of receiving a stipend. Senators have the option of receiving a gift card from AS equivalent to the amount of the stipend in lieu of a check.

The Code on Senate and Chair stipends shall uphold the policies of:

  • The United States Constitution
  • The State of California
  • California State University, Northridge
  • Associated Students, Inc.

This Code shall supersede any and all codes on Associated Students Senate Compensation passed prior to August 1, 2018.

Approved on: October 8, 2018