SB-2021-22-016: Annual C.R.A.M.P.S. Event Hosted by AS Productions

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Senate Bill No.: 2021-22-016

Date: April 25, 2022

Authored by: Elline Deogracias, Senator, College of Business and Economics

Melanie Mejia, Chair of Personnel

Referred to: University Affairs

Committee Rec: Approved 5-0-0

Senate Action: May 9, 2022 (15-0-0)

Title: Annual C.R.A.M.P.S. Event Hosted by AS Productions

1. WHEREAS: The Associated Students, Inc. (AS) is the official voice of over 38,000 students at California State University Northridge; AND

2. WHEREAS: AS is the primary advocate for students at CSUN and provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to create and enhance a spirited, learning focused campus environment; AND

3. WHEREAS: In April 2022, Associated Students hosted C.R.A.M.P.S., or “College Resources for All Menstruating Persons and Students,” a three-day campus event to celebrate and normalize menstruation; AND

4. WHEREAS: The event was intended to raise awareness of menstrual equity and period poverty, and to provide the campus community with resources for menstruating students; AND

5. WHEREAS: C.R.A.M.P.S. included panel discussions regarding the female reproductive anatomy, and other topics such as menstrual sustainability, and being physical while menstruating; AND

6. WHEREAS: Additionally, hands-on workshops were provided, such as a DIY reusable pad workshop where students made cloth pads out of recycled fabric, and a “Let it Flow” yoga session where students were encouraged to get physical even while menstruating in a judgment-free zone without fear of menstrual leaks or odor; AND

7. WHEREAS: Students were encouraged to ask questions to qualified local speakers, and the resource fair hosted 10 different clubs and organizations that provided students with services available on campus. AS also distributed over 100 menstrual cups at the event to promote sustainable menstruation; AND

8. WHEREAS: In Fall 2021, AS Senate passed SB-2021-22-002 to provide students with free menstrual products in all women’s, gender-neutral, and men’s restrooms to address period poverty and menstrual inequity, along with AB 367. This initiative is currently in its implementation process, with 50 product dispensers to be installed on campus by Fall 2022; AND

9. WHEREAS: Chair of Personnel Melanie Mejia conducted research on the CSUN population to gauge the experiences of menstruating students on campus. According to her research, young people are most vulnerable to period stigma as it influences their self-image and confidence, as is evident in 91.3% of CSUN students experiencing stress about their period; AND

10. WHEREAS: Both C.R.A.M.P.S. and SB-2021-22-002 are meant to de-stigmatize menstruation and provide menstruating students with adequate access to menstrual products; AND

11. WHEREAS: An annual C.R.A.M.P.S. event will play a critical role in carrying the momentum for menstrual equity at CSUN and beyond; AND

12. WHEREAS: The event would symbolize the campus’s advocacy and support to all menstruating students and would help reinforce a stronger sense of community among students; THEREFORE, LET IT BE

1. RESOLVED: That AS Productions host an annual C.R.A.M.P.S. event in the Spring semester with the intent of normalizing menstruation, promoting sustainable menstruation, and providing menstruating students with campus resources; AND LET IT BE FINALLY

2. RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be distributed widely, including but not limited to the following:

  • Dr. Erika D. Beck, CSUN President
  • Dr. William Watkins, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Patrick Bailey, AS Executive Director
  • CSUN Today
  • The Daily Sundial
  • Klotz Student Health Center
  • Institute for Sustainability
  • AS Productions
  • CSUN Food Pantry