SB-2018-19-007: Endorse Proposition 10: Rent Control

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Senate Bill No.: SB-2018-19-007

Date: October 31, 2018

Authored by: Alexandra Satarova, Chair of the External Committee

Referred to: External Affairs

Committee Rec:

Senate Action: November 5, 2019

Title: Endorse Proposition 10: Rent Control

1. WHEREAS: The Associated Students, Inc. (AS) is the official voice of over 38,000 students at California State University Northridge; AND

2. WHEREAS: AS is the primary advocate for students at CSUN and provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to create and enhance a spirited, learning focused campus environment; AND

3. WHEREAS: AS is always trying to get more students involved and increase student participation within the many programs and services we offer; AND

4. WHEREAS: Proposition 10 if passed will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and will expand local government’s authority to enact rent control on residential propertyi ; AND

5. WHEREAS: Rent cost in the Los Angeles metropolitan area has increased at least 3 percent every year from 2012 to 2016 and a lot of families pay more than half of their income on housing ii; AND

6. WHEREAS: According to the UCLA Anderson Forecast for the Nation and California, the high cost of rent along with the low household income is the significant factor that drives the California’s homelessness epidemic; THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED

1. RESOLVED: The Associated Students strongly supports the Proposition 10: Rent Control to allow local government to pass laws limiting rent increases; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

2. RESOLVED: AS encourages all students, faculty, staff, and administration to support Proposition 10 and vote yes ; AND LET IT BE FINALLY

3. RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be distributed widely, including but not limited to the following: • Governor Jerry Brown • Councilman Mitch Englander • Mayor Eric Garcetti • Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley • Dianne Harrison, CSUN President • CSUN Today • The Daily Sundial