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This Code is established under article XV, section 1 of the bylaws of the Associated Students, California State University Northridge, Inc.

The purpose of this code shall be to outline and define the responsibilities for AS commissioners and the commissions they work with.

This code may be amended by a majority vote of total voting membership of the Associated Students senate.


  • The Chair of Commissions shall be appointed by the AS President
  • The tenure of office for the Chair of Commissions shall be one year concurrent with the term of the AS President that appoints them. Should the position be vacated during the school year, a replacement shall be made by the AS President to serve for the rest of the President’s term
  • Commissions are recommended by the Chair of Commissions
  • The Chair of Commissions is responsible for obtaining reports from all Commissioners on a weekly basis while there are commissions in effect.
  • Said reports will be presented to the Chief of Staff on a weekly basis.


  • Commissioners
  1. Each commission shall be chaired by a Commissioner
  2. Commissioners shall be appointed by the Chair of Commissions
  3. The position of Commissioner is an unpaid, volunteer position.
  4. The commissioners shall report to the Chair of Commissions on a weekly basis.
  • Commissions
  1. Each commission may recruit no less than 3 non-senate, at-large members are part of their Commission.
  2. It is suggested that 1 senate representative take part in Commissions.
  3. The job of the Commission is to discuss topics, issues and events relevant to their commission topic, with the goal of bringing improvement to student experiences and services at CSUN.
  4. It is recommended that Commissions will meet on a weekly basis to ensure the commission is completed in a timely manner.
  5. The position of commission member is an unpaid, volunteer position.
  6. Commissions do not exist to put on programming. If one of the recommendations of a Commission is that a program or event be put on by the AS@CSUN, Inc., the Commissioner and Chair of Commissions are responsible for meeting with the appropriate director from Associated Students Productions to develop/request the appropriate budget and create the program.
  • Meetings

A) Chair

  1. The Commissioner will chair the Commission meetings
  2. Agendas will be prepared 72 hours prior to the Commission meeting to be in line with Gloria Romero
  3. Meeting minutes will be prepared and submitted to the government secretary and Chair of Commissions within 24 hours after the end of a commission meeting

B) Quorum

  1. The quorum of any commission meeting shall consist of the Commissioner and at least 3 commission members.
  2. The Commissioner shall only vote in the event of a tie in order to break said tie.

AS Chair of Commissions, Commissioners, and Commissions shall execute their responsibilities and policies in accordance with:

  • The United States Constitution
  • The State of California
  • California State University, Northridge
  • The Senate of AS, CSUN, Inc.

Where applicable, Commissions will be conducted according to parliamentary law as set forth in the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

This Code supersedes any Codes on Non-Cabinet/AS Productions positions prior to September 14, 2012.