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This Code is established under Article VII and Article XV of the Bylaws of Associated Students, California State University, Northridge, Inc.

The Purpose of this Code shall be to define and outline the procedures governing the office of the Chair of the Associated Students Personnel and Communications.

This Code shall be effective when approved by a majority vote of the Associated Students Senate.

AMENDMENTS: This Code may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the total voting membership of the Associated Students Senate.


A. Chair of Personnel and Communications

1. The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be appointed by the A.S. President with the approval of the Senate.

2. The tenure of office for the Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be one year, to be concurrent with the term of the President who appoints them. In the event of a vacancy in the position of Chair of Personnel and Communications, the A.S. President may issue a non-renewable 30 day appointment to fill the position. Should the office be vacated during the school year, the new appointee’s tenure of office shall end when the term of the A.S. President who appointed them ends.

3. The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be immediately responsible for the discharge of their duties to the A.S. President.

4. The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be a student in good standing as defined in Article V, Section I of the A.S. Constitution.

5. The Chair of Personnel and Communications is advised by the A.S. Manager for Student Leadership.


A. The Chair of Personnel and Communications will, as a part of their duties:

I. The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be a member of the A.S. President's Cabinet.

II. The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be an ex-officio member of the A.S. Personnel Board.

III. The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Internal Affairs Committee.

IV. Serve as the AS Leadership liaison to AS Marketing

V. The recruiting of qualified applicants for the following offices and committees as vacancies occur:

a. Cabinet b. Committees c. Senate VI. Applicants shall be automatically screened as per qualifications in the Associated Students Constitution and Bylaws. VII. All senate applicants must be interviewed by a committee that must consist of but is not limited to the Chair of Personnel and Communications, and one current senator. VIII. All interviews must follow a formal interview process containing the use of interview questions compiled by the Chair of Personnel and Communications and approved by the Council of Chairs. IX. To take special precautions regarding Associated Students applicants' information during and before the end of their term. Such as but not limited to: a. Take all necessary measures to secure applicants' information and privacy during and after business hours. X. Facilitate the process of A.S. Member of the Month XI. Perform other duties pertaining to the recruitment of Associated Students personnel as directed by the Associated Students President. a. Inform all applicants of future compensation for their roles as well as the time commitment (range of hours per week). b. Maintain a list of which positions are paid hourly, paid by stipends, or unpaid. Update the AS website and application if compensation or commitments changes. XII. Assist and advise AS Leadership in creating in-person and virtual town halls through social media promotions. XIII. Work with Chair of Diversity and Inclusion to host a training/workshop for AS Leadership on how to run a meeting and how to communicate with their constituents a. Including by not limited to: inclusive language, email etiquette, body language, media training, and attire XIV. Collect and review feedback from anonymous dropbox/comment box and respond as needed XV. Help create official AS Leadership press releases to the student body XVI. Create an annual AS survey to get student feedback on their biggest concerns a. The survey should be conducted through AS Marketing & the AS Elections XVII. Create and develop AS Leadership marketing calendar a. Including but not limited to: senate in a minute, annual budget, standing committee meeting times, all election materials, inauguration, end of the year celebration, Big Politics, town halls, campus conversations, AS Leadership Mixer, AS Leadership Semesterly lunch, any other AS Leadership related events, and the AS Meet and Greet b. Organize semesterly lunch with the entire AS Leadership cohort c. Organize AS Leadership Mixer with the University President and cabinet at the beginning of the Fall semester. XVIII. Develop AS presentation for UNIV 100 courses a. Coordinating with senators and cabinet members’ schedules to give presentations. b. Providing regular feedback through posters and weekly announcements to AS Leadership on 100-day Initiative goals and progress. XIX. To increase campus awareness of all Associated Students endorsed activities via social media, posters/flyers, and tabling. XX. To attend club and organization meetings, events and committees at the designation of the AS President. a. The chair shall report back to the AS Cabinet and Senate of any conversations had between CSUN clubs & organizations and the MIC when deemed necessary. XXI. Oversee and chair the Communications Committee REGULATION: The Chair of Personnel and Communications shall, in the execution of their responsibilities, conform to and abide by the policies of: ● The United States Constitution ● The State of California ● California State University, Northridge ● Associated Students PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY: All meetings called by the Chair of Personnel and Communications shall be conducted according to parliamentary law as set forth in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. ENABLING CAUSE: This Code shall supersede all Codes on the A.S. Chair of Personnel and Communications passed prior to October 31, 2023