SB-2018-19-020: Resolution for the Establishment of The David Harry Crandall Spirit Award

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SENATE BILL: 2018-19-20

DATE: April 29, 2019

REFERRED TO: Committee of the Whole

ACTION: April 29, 2019 (17-0-0)

1) WHEREAS: Associated Students (AS) is the primary advocate for students at California State University, Northridge and provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to enhance and create a spirited learning-focused campus environment; AND

2) WHEREAS: A key component of our mission statement, and in the efforts of all our various programs, departments and services within Associated Students is the development of an intangible we call “Matador Spirit”; AND

3) WHEREAS: School Spirit is the sense of identity and community shared by members of an educational institution, closely associated with good sportsmanship amongst all members of the institution, and loosely based on encouraging and supporting one another (Wikipedia); AND

4) WHEREAS: David Harry Crandall has served as the General Manager/Executive Director of the Associated Students at CSU Northridge since 2001, (18 years); AND

5) WHEREAS: Amongst his many gifts, David has encouraged and modelled collaboration as both a key value for AS, and a critical gift to others outside AS, allowing us to share our resources of people, programs, funding and ideas widely for the betterment of everyone involved; AND

6) WHEREAS: Anyone who has ever worked with David knows that he brings a laugh, a terrible joke, or some other form of joy into his work every single day; AND

7) WHEREAS: David is the first person to tell people he is “the luckiest guy you know”; AND

8) WHEREAS: David has been a presence at a myriad of AS events over the years, including sports club games, building openings, baby showers, potlucks, concerts, movies, retreats, camp Matador, inaugurations, banquets and more, and at each one he is a joyful and memorable presence. He has often had his daughters and/or wife with him; and always his beloved camera where he records and shares highlights of our collective life in AS; AND

9) WHEREAS; David has joyfully dressed as a bag of leaves, impersonated celebrities in ways we both recognized and were baffled by, worn ties with Christmas cows on them in April; and attempted to rap - these and other actions defy description, but ever fail to elicit smiles and camaraderie;

10) WHEREAS: David is also a humble person who shuns the limelight; and who would prefer not to be recognized but sometimes – you just have to grin and bear it; AND

11) WHEREAS: This is one of the reasons why his example of being a spirited and dedicated leader for all of us in Associated Students over the past eighteen years is so appreciated, and will be keenly missed; THEREFORE LET IT BE

1) RESOLVED: That the Associated Students rename the “Matador Spirit Award” to be the “David Harry Crandall” spirit award in honor of David’s service; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

2) RESOLVED: That the criteria for this award be as follows:

  • a. The award should be give once a year, at the AS End-of-the-Year celebration;
  • b. The nominated AS Staff person/student employee/student leader/volunteer must be a person who has given at least three (3) years of service to the Associated Students at CSU Northridge
  • c. This award should be considered one of our three most prestigious awards, along with the William R. Foster Honorary Lifetime Membership and the Hermit Award; and
  • d. The nominated person must have outstanding performance and demonstrate consistent dedication, passion and contribution to the Associated Students organization and its people, programs and services;
  • e. The nominee should be someone who has contributed in a significant way to the development of CSUN, and/or AS Spirit over the course of their involvement;
  • f. The recipient’s work in AS should demonstrate and/or honor the legacy of humor, joy and love for AS that David demonstrated, and this should be the strongest component of consideration for this award;
  • g. That all nominations should be electronic, and submitted to the Director of Human Resources during the regular awards nomination

process each year; AND LET IT BE FURTHER 3) RESOLVED: That the recipient of this award be given not only an appropriate plaque/trophy/award in keeping with the other awards given that year, but also include the purchase of one pair of tickets (two tickets total) to any regularly scheduled performance at the Soraya on campus, in honor of David’s love of giving away tickets to the Soraya as a way of recognizing staff; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

4) RESOLVED: That AS purchase a perpetual plaque to be hung in the AS conference room, where a record of each year’s award winners will be kept updated; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

5) RESOLVED: That this resolution supersede and replace any previous resolutions related to the Matador Spirit Award; AND LET IT BE FINALLY

6) RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be sent to:

  • All AS staff and student employees (once, upon the passage of this resolution)
  • All AS student leaders (once, upon the passage of this resolution)
  • Dr. William Watkins, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Shelley Ruelas-Bischoff, Associate Vice President for Student Life
  • David Harry Crandall – for his scrapbook.
  • Maureen Crandall – who will have to put it in his scrapbook.