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This Code is established under Article XV of the Bylaws of the Associated Students, California State University, Northridge, Inc.

The purpose of this code shall be to outline the policies and procedures governing the Associated Students Annual Recognition Awards. The purpose of the Banquet is to celebrate the collective achievements of the Associated Students, CSU Northridge, Inc. over the course of the past year, and to recognize academic and service excellence amongst the staff and student leaders of the A.S.

This Code shall be effective when approved by a majority vote of the Associated Students Senate.

This Code may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the total voting membership of the Associated Students Senate.


The Banquet Awards Committee will collectively agree on the recipients of the Associated Students Annual Banquet Awards. The membership of this committee shall consist of the following members of the Associated Students:

A. A.S. Program Advisor (Chair)
B. Graduate Assistant for Productions (voting)
C. A.S. President or designee (voting)
D. A.S. Producer, Productions (voting)
E. Government Secretary (voting)
F. A.S. Manager for Student Leadership (Advisor, non-voting)


A. Committee This committee shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following duties:

1. Developing and distributing the nomination form no later than the first Monday of April.
2. Overseeing the awards nomination process.
3. Selecting the awards recipients based on nominations.
4. Ordering all awards.


A. This committee shall meet a minimum amount of two times:

1. To develop the nomination form and decide its distribution and collection.
2. To decide on the awards recipients based on submitted nominations.


The following awards will be distributed at the banquet each year. A. Student Assistant of the Year:

i. Any student assistant employed in any area of the Associated Students is eligible for nomination.

B. Staff Member of the Year:

i. Any staff member employed in any area of the Associated Students is eligible for nomination.

C. Commencement Medallions:

i. Any student who has been employed by Associated Students or has served in a leadership capacity in the organization for a minimum of one year shall be eligible to receive an A.S. Commencement Medallion.
ii. Eligible students must still be serving in their position within Associated Students at the time of their graduation from CSUN.
iii. Department supervisors are responsible for submitting a list of their eligible students no later than the first staff meeting in April each year to the A.S. Coordinator for Student Leadership.
iv. The cost for medallions will be borne by the A.S. Annual Recognition Banquet.

D. Academic Special Recognition:

i. Any undergraduate student who has a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better or any graduate student with a 3.85 or better at the time of the awards banquet will be awarded an Academic Special Recognition Certificate.

E. William R. Foster Honorary Lifetime Membership Award:

i. Nominations:
1. Any member of the Associated Students, CSUN faculty, staff, administration or any organization chartered by the Associated Students, can make nominations.
2. Nominations shall be submitted to the Banquet Awards Committee.
ii. Nominee Requirements:
1. All student nominees shall have a minimum cumulative CSUN GPA, as certified by the Office of the Registrar.
a. 2.5 or higher for undergraduate students
b. 3.0 or higher for graduate students
2. All student nominees shall have a minimum number of units earned and completed at CSUN.
a. 48 units for undergraduate students
b. 9 units for graduate students
3. Undergraduate nominees shall be members of the graduating class of the year in which the awards are given.
a. Students who graduate in the previous fall semester shall be eligible for the award granted in the spring semester.
iii. Awards Procedure:
1. Awards shall be confirmed by the A.S. President and Vice President upon the unanimous recommendation of the Banquet Awards Committee
2. The A.S. President and Vice President shall be responsible for submitting an annual budget request for the benefits of this award each year.
iv. Award Categories:
1. Outstanding Undergraduate / Graduate Students
a. Awards shall be made to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students in the area of CSUN campus activities.
b. A maximum of six (6) awards may be presented during each academic year to undergraduate students.
c. The A.S. President and Vice President will be awarded William R. Foster Honorary Life Membership by a 2/3 vote of the Banquet Awards Committee. (These awards shall not be included in the stipulation listed above.)
2. Outstanding Faculty, Staff, Administration and/or Master’s and Credential Candidates (Special)
a. An award may be presented to any member of the faculty, staff, administration and/or master’s and credential program candidates
b. A maximum of two special awards may be presented each year.
v. This award entitles recipients to the following:
1. Permanent Membership to the CSUN Alumni Association and all the privileges that lie in thereof.
2. Lifetime Student Rate Privileges to Intercollegiate Athletics, A.S. activities, services, and programs (except for the A.S. Children’s Center).

F. The Hermie Award:

i. “Hermie was an outstanding individual, always ready to help the corporation as well as individual students and staff. She was a sounding board for new ideas, an organizer who always seemed to remember all those details that students seemed to forget, the personal psychologist for anyone with a problem and a second mother to us all. She was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure that A.S. would run smoothly. She was a warm individual who never lacked a kind word; especially at times we needed it most. Yet she was honest; you always knew where she stood. In brief, she was the heart that made A.S. work so well. It is in this spirit that the recipient of a “Hermie” should be chosen.”
ii. Nominees must have given at least two years of service to the Associated Students. All senate members (including the President and Vice President), Chairs, Coordinators, Committee Members, Staff, Employees and Advisors are eligible.

G. Matador Spirit Award:

i. The award shall be given to any member of the Associated Students, CSUN faculty, staff, or administration.
ii. Nominees shall represent the five outstanding traits of the Matador; these traits are:
a. Courage
b. Grace
c. Ability
d. Strength
iii. Nominees shall always represent the spirit of the Matador and show pride of being part of the CSUN community.
iv. The award shall be a mini- Matador Statue from the Matador Bookstore, engraved with the name of the recipient and the title and year of the award.

H. Special Recognition Awards:

i. The A.S. President and Vice President may present awards to anyone they want to especially recognize within the Associated Students, the university, or the local community.
ii. These awards are at the discretion of the President and Vice President jointly.


A. The Banquet Awards Committee will develop a nomination form for the following awards:

i. Student Assistant of the Year
ii. Staff Member of the Year
iii. William R. Foster Honorary Life Membership Awards
iv. Commencement Medallions
v. Academic Recognition Awards
vi. The Hermie Award.

B. The nomination form will be made available online to all current A.S. Staff, Student Assistants and Student Leaders for a period of no less than two calendar weeks.

C. Nominations for awards must be closed no later than April 15th each year to allow for the timely production of awards.

D. The Banquet Awards Committee will tabulate all submitted awards nominations.

E. The committee does not have to come to unanimous decisions, but that is preferred. If a unanimous decision cannot be reached, majority rule will determine who receives the final award.

F. If the committee reaches an impasse, any recommendation to give two awards for any category must be approved by the A.S. President and Vice President.

G. The Banquet Awards Committee will submit all recommendations for The William R. Foster Honorary Life Membership Award to the A.S. President and Vice President.

H. The Coordinator for Student Leadership will verify academic eligibility for Commencement and Academic Achievement awards.


The Banquet Awards Committee shall, in the execution of its responsibilities, uphold the policies of the: The United States Constitution The State of California California State University, Northridge Associated Students


The parliamentary authority for the Associated Students Banquet Committee shall be the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.