SB-2021-21-010: AB 396: CalFresh Expansion

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Senate Bill No.: 2020-21-010

Date: April 7, 2021

Authored by: Adriana Coronado, Senator to the College of Humanities and Derek Mitsuuchi, Senator to the College of Business and Economics

Referred to: External Affairs

Committee Rec: April 7, 2021 (5-0-0)

Senate Action: April 19, 2021 (16-0-0)

Title: AB 396: CalFresh Expansion

1. WHEREAS: The Associated Students, Inc. (AS) is the official voice of over 38,000 students at California State University Northridge; AND

2. WHEREAS: AS is the primary advocate for students at CSUN and provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to create and enhance a spirited, learning focused campus environment; AND

3. WHEREAS: AS and CSUN strive to make resources for students affordable and accessible.

4. WHEREAS: The CalFresh Program, federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), issues monthly electronic benefits for food and nutrition assistance to low-income individuals who meet federal income eligibility rules; AND

5. WHEREAS: The intended expansion through AB 396 of CalFresh benefits for students through the Employment and Training services program exemption;

6. WHEREAS: Due to the expansion of the benefits redefining the employment classification of students, it enables the students to have access to more federal resources as no cost to the state; THEREFORE, LET IT BE

1. RESOLVED: Associated Students encourages this bill be passed through legislation as it would increase CalFresh eligibility of students; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

2. RESOLVED: Associated Students encourages all CSUN students who become eligible to take part in the expansion of CalFresh benefits, in order to fulfill the CSU’s Basic Need Initiative to address food insecurities amongst students; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

3. RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be distributed widely, including but not limited to the following:

  • Dr. Erika D. Beck, CSUN President
  • Dr. William Watkins, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Patrick Bailey, Executive Director of Associated Students
  • Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel
  • CSUN Food Pantry
  • CalFresh Program
  • CSUN Today
  • The Daily Sundial