SB-2020-21-006: Condemning Anti Semitism

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Senate Bill No.: SB-2020-21-006

Date: November 25, 2020

Authored by: Jonathan Hay, Senator for the College of Business and Economics

Zachary Schimke, Senator for the College of Engineering and Computer Science

Referred to: External Affairs

Committee Rec: November 25, 2020 (5-0-0)

Senate Action: December 7, 2020 (17-0-1)

Title: Condemning Anti Semitism

1. WHEREAS : The Associated Students, Inc. (AS) is the official voice of over 38,000 students at California State University Northridge (CSUN); AND

2. WHEREAS : AS is the primary advocate for students at CSUN; AND

3. WHEREAS : AS & CSUN condemns all acts of hatred towards any ethnic, racial, or religious group; AND

4. WHEREAS : Anti-Semetism is defined as hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group; AND

5. WHEREAS : Over 2,100 Anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in America in 2019; AND

6. WHEREAS : Anti-Semitic incidences have grown by 12% since 2018; AND

7. WHEREAS : In December 2018, the CSUN community and Jewish population were threatened with a mass shooting; AND

8. WHEREAS : Over 4,000 graduate, under-graduate, and faculty members at CSUN are Jewish; AND

9. WHEREAS : CSUN represents all its Jewish alumni across the nation; AND

10. WHEREAS : The responsibility of AS is to represent and support all its students from every walk of life; THEREFORE LET IT BE

1. RESOLVED : AS adopts the definition of Anti-Semeitism as hositlity toward or discrimination agaisnt Jews as a religious, ethinic, or racial group; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

2. RESOLVED : AS also adopts the definition of Anti-Semitism as defined by the International Remembrance Holocaust Alliance (IHRA), which has been adopted by 34 countries as of 2020; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

3. RESOLVED : The definitions in Resolve 1 and Resolve 2 work in tandem with one another; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

4. RESOLVED : AS denounces all forms of Antisemitism, no matter what political party it is from; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

5. RESOLVED : AS condemns the deadly attacks at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and Poway Synagogue; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

6. RESOLVED : AS condemns the hate-filled arson that was committed at the Chabad of University of Delaware Community Center, a university Jewish Center; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

7. RESOLVED : AS is committed to fighting all forms of anti-semitism on campus; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

8. RESOLVED : Copies of this resolution be distributed widely, including but not limited to the following:

  • Dianne Harrison, CSUN President
  • Erica Beck, CSUN President-Elect
  • CSUN Today
  • The Daily Sundial
  • Hillel 818
  • Chabad CSUN