SB-2018-19-019: Resolution for the Creation of the David Harry Crandall Commemorative Scholarship

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SENATE BILL: 2018-19-19

AUTHOR: Associated Students Senate – Committee of the Whole

DATE: April 29, 2019

ACTION: April 29, 2019 (17-0-0)

1) WHEREAS: David Harry Crandall has been the Executive Director of the Associated Students at CSU Northridge since 2001; AND

2) WHEREAS: David has consistently, throughout his career demonstrated a deep commitment to the develop of college students, especially through the leadership opportunities afforded by Associated Students; AND

3) WHEREAS: David has served as a counselor, advisor, manager, leader, friend and mentor to hundreds of Associated Students student employees and leaders; AND

4) WHEREAS: The Associated Students of California State University, Northridge annually awards scholarships through the Financial Aid Office; THEREFORE LET IT BE

5) RESOLVED: That the Associated Students of California State University, Northridge hereby establish the DAVID HARRY CRANDALL SCHOLARSHIP in the amount of One Thousand Five Hundred dollars ($1,500) to be awarded annually; AND LET IT BE FURTHER

1) RESOLVED: That the recipient of this scholarship meet the following criteria: That they be a student enrolled as a student in the regular university, and that they be a student leader and/or student employee with the Associated Students, CSU Northridge at the time of the awarding of the scholarship; AND LET IT BE FINALLY

2) RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be sent to the following:

  • California State University Northridge President Dr. Diane Harrison
  • California State University Northridge Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. William Watkins
  • Linda Brignoni, Director of Financial Aid
  • The Daily Sundial
  • All AS student employees and student leaders.