Chartering of Clubs and Organizations

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The procedure for granting charter will be:

  • Membership petition with fifteen (15) names minimum, of which eleven (11) shall be students of CSUN;
  • Complete one (1) charter card and establish a constitution;
  • Develop an organizational constitution based on Constitutional Affairs Board guidelines. Submit ten (10) copies of the completed constitution to the Student Development Office.
  • One charter card and ten (10) copies of the constitution shall be forwarded to the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Board;
  • Sign-up in the Student Development Office for time to meet with the Constitutional Affairs Board.
  • Failure to attend scheduled Constitutional Affairs Board meetings will result in a minimum of six (6) weeks delay of chartering privileges;
  • The Constitutional Affairs Board will make a recommendation on the granting of a charter to the A.S. Senate. A majority vote is required;
  • Clubs and/or organizations will be notified of the result of the recommendation on the charter;
  • The dates for appearing before meetings of the Constitutional Affairs Board will be established in the beginning of the semester with notification sent to the Student Development Office.

A chartered organization has been granted formal recognition by the Student Development Office and the Associated Students Senate, and it is eligible to utilize the following privileges:

  • The privilege of using the name of the university;
  • The privilege of recruiting members on campus;
  • The privilege of being represented in student government;
  • The privilege of holding meetings and social functions on campus;
  • The privilege of using certain University services and facilities through proper procedures (buildings, grounds, Open Forum, audio-visual equipment, etc.);
  • The privilege of using certain properties and facilities of the A.S. through proper procedures (A.S. Business Manager's Office for financial purposes).
  • The privilege of publicizing activities in the Daily Sundial (campus newspaper) and any special publications of the A.S. Review.
  • The privilege of using designated bulletin boards for publicizing activities on campus;
  • The privilege of an organization mail box located off the lobby of the University University Student Union,
  • The privilege of participating as a club or organization in activities of the Associated Students.

Chartered organizations and their members represent the University and the Associated Students, and they have a responsibility to conduct themselves in such a manner as to give a favorable impression of California State University, Northridge to the public and to fellow students. In exchange for the advantage of having privileges, the following minimum standards are required of all chartered organizations:

  • That their policies be consistent with those of the A.S. and with the purpose, policies and regulations of the University;
  • That they select and maintain an authorized advisor when using funds of A.S.;
  • That they schedule all social functions and meetings according to the approved procedures for scheduling events:
  • That they maintain an active program and fulfill their purposes as stated in their constitution;
  • That they attend annual re-chartering meetings as required by the Office of Student Development;
  • That they assume responsibility for clean-up after their on-campus events;
  • That they submit to the Student Development Office at the beginning of the Fall semester, and at other times when necessary, an accurate number of officers and advisors;
  • That they file ten (10) copies of the most recent revision of their respective constitutions and bylaws in the Student Development Office. (One copy of the national constitution must be on file in the Student Development Office in case of a national organization).