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David Crandall

The 2018-2019 year has brought some noteworthy changes to the Associated Students. A student-Senate-driven movement, begun in the fall, resulted in a successful fee increase referendum, which will help in future years to more fully support CSUN student organizations and AS programs and services, along with modest increases to the Student Health Center fee and the IRA (Instructionally Related Activities) fee. There have also been some changes in staffing with a new Executive Director coming on Board in the summer of 2019 and a new Accounting Manager, Human Resources Manager, and Children’s Center Director. These have been the result of our execution of a long-range planning process that was inspired by our 2015 Program Review. As always, the student leadership of the Associated Students has established these two kinds of initiatives (the referendum and the succession planning) while still attending to their regular advocacy and programming initiatives.

David Crandall
AS Executive Director

Meet our Departments

The Associated Students is the primary advocate for students at California State University, Northridge and provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to create and enhance a spirited, learning-focused campus environment.

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Children's Center

Children's Center

The AS Children’s Center is a high quality early childhood development program that provides a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment. The program promotes each child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Daily activities foster each child’s development to their fullest potential.


The center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which is a landmark of high quality child development programs.


  • The center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which is a landmark of high quality child development programs.
  • A contract with CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School).
  • A contract with the CA Child Care and Adult Food Program.
  • The center serves a lab school for the CSUN Kinesiology Department.
  • The children enjoyed fieldtrips to the library, the bookstore and to the Sustainability Center.
  • The center is home to young adults with disabilities as a place to volunteer


114 Families per Semester
122 Children per Semester
20,000 Meals

Our Staff

12 Number of Teachers
2 Number of Office Staff
49 Number of Student Employees
3 Number of Kitchen Staff
Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures

Since 2008, CSUN Outdoor Adventures (OA) has been providing unique recreational opportunities to the CSUN community. Through our Wilderness Outings, RIDGE Rockwall, rental center, team building program, workshops and clinics, Outdoor Leadership Program, and most recently Camp Matador, we provide awe-inspiring, transformative experiences to more than 6,000 students each year.


55 Number of Student Employees

Trip Leaders

All of our Wilderness Outing Instructors have over 10 days of back country training and an additional focus on technical activities to provide you with the safest, most competent wilderness experience possible. All our staff are an equal mix of trained medical practitioners, cooks, drivers, outdoor educators, and fun facilitators culminating in pretty incredible outdoor professionals.

35 Primary Trip Leaders
12 Secondary Trip Leaders
40 Number of Students Involved

Camp Matador

Camp Matador welcomes freshmen to Cal State Northridge by giving them an opportunity to have fun, make friends, and learn more about the Matador life here at CSUN. Camp Matador is a 4-day, 3-night welcome to CSUN event that takes place in Big Bear, California. Students ride air-conditioned charter buses from CSUN’s campus to Ponderosa Pines Camp, where they stay in air-conditioned, furnished cabins with fellow campers.

117 Attendees
104 Sign-ups

Wilderness Welcome

Wilderness Welcome offers transfer students a warm entrance into the CSUN community and provides the tools to successfully navigate the transition into Matador life. Students will explore the beautiful outdoors of California and develop lasting relationships while on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting memories!

11 Number of Students *

* total throughout 3 trips

Adventure Trips

CSUN Outdoor Adventures, located in the Student Recreation Center, gives you the opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy outdoor opportunities. Students participating in outings will learn how to recreate safely in the great outdoors and develop an understanding of natural surroundings. Outdoor Adventures hopes this will lead each student to appreciate the Earth’s natural beauty and all it has to offer.

62 Number of Trips

Leadership Workshops

The Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) is designed to provide the knowledge and necessary skills for individuals who are interested in working as trip instructors or guides with the CSUN Outdoor Adventures Program.

The goal of the OLP is to develop knowledgeable, highly skilled and trained wilderness guides to work as instructors and guides with the Outdoor Adventures Program. Our overall mission is to provide the CSUN community an avenue to foster an appreciation for the outdoors, while emphasizing safety, environmental awareness, minimum impact, personal exploration, group bonding, experiential education, positive interaction, and good times.

5 Fall Semester
5 Spring Semester

Rental Center

CSUN Outdoor Adventures has a large selection of outdoor equipment available for current CSUN students to rent at a low cost for a day, a weekend, or a week. Located at the Northwest entrance of the SRC, the Rental Center serves as your comprehensive outdoor resource. Whether it's a family camping trip, church retreat, music festival, or mountaineering expedition, we provide top of the line outdoor equipment rentals for a number of general and technical activities

1,551 Number of Items Rented

Bike Shop

As a bicycle shop , we offer CSUN students, faculty, and staff affordable prices on bicycle repairs, maintenance, and parts. If you would like to learn how to repair or maintain your bike, no labor fee will be added to your total, so you'll just pay for the price of the part (if applicable). If you don't have the time or don't want to get your hands dirty, no problem!

507 Number of Bikes Repaired/Maintained


AS Productions provides concerts, cultural events, lectures and special events for the CSUN campus, including "Big Show." AS Productions keeps the Matador spirit alive by producing CSUN spirit events and collaborating on programming with campus clubs, academic departments and the University Student Union.


46 Number of Events
800 Attendees on Average


15 Number of Student Volunteers
6 Number of Student Employees


  • We have collaborated with over 60 different clubs, Vendors, departments and campus partners.
  • 2018 Summer Movie Fest saw crowds of around 3,000 + people during our popular films
  • Brand new 50ft screen purchased
  • Sold out Big Show the day before the event - 8,000 tickets
  • Sold out Big Lecture - 800 tickets
  • Successful collaboration with USU Events on Pumpkin Fest - gave out over 400 pumpkins
  • Collaborated with the Alumni Association for the Grand Reunion and implemented a student showcase on the mainstage
  • Successful collaboration with AS Sustainability on Earth Fair and developing a thrift store for the event.
  • 2nd annual Earth Week collaboration and coordinating a week's worth of events with the Institute for Sustainability, CSUN Dining, RHA, and the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing.
  • Collaboration with Black Student Union on implementing the Black History Month market in February.
  • 2nd annual Sol Fest, with around 100 attendees throughout the day.
Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

The Sport Clubs program provides CSUN students an opportunity to participate in regionally and nationally competitive sports and recreational activities. The program is designed to allow each CSUN student a chance to participate in a sport club individually or as a member of a team.

Each club is formed, developed, governed and administered by student members. Student leadership, interest and participation are essential elements of a successful sport club.

28 Number of Sport Clubs
33 Number of Student Employees
716 Number of students in Sport Clubs
$28,050 Donations Received

Operating Costs



2,000+ Number of student attendees


  • Hockey won their third consecutive West Coast Hockey Conference Championship and attended the ACHA West Regionals
  • Table Tennis - Shoki Yaguchi went to Nationals and competed in the Singles Division. Ranked #51 Player in the Country
  • Men’s and Women’s Volleyball both attended USA Volleyball Nationals
  • Men's and Women's basketball - hosted 5th Annual Turkey Jam, Men's won for the 3rd time in a row
  • Ballroom and Latin Dance - Jeremiah Gonzales & Vanessa Garcia won 1st place in every Silver Rhythm Event at the Cal Poly SLO Mustang Ball Competition
  • Ballroom and Latin Dance - Jeremiah Gonzales & Vanessa Garcia won 1st place in every Silver Rhythm Event at the Cal Poly SLO Mustang Ball Competition
  • Hip Hop - Won Best Overall Group (prize trophy and $500) at the USU's Annual Student Showcase
  • Men's Wrestling – had one wrestler won the California State Championship for the 235lb division, two 2nd place finishes,and two 3rd place finishes
  • Water Polo - hosted the second annual Matacup tournament, which grew in size from last year.
  • The Sport Clubs Council rallied the Sport Club community and was instrumental in the passing of the AS Referendum
  • The AS Sports Clubs Athletic Training staff provided 1,875 treatments in the clinic, assisted the Student Health Center with 142 physicals and covered 201 sport club games this year
Student Leadership

Student Leadership

The Student Government division of Associated Students (AS) represents the student body, advocates its needs and defends its interests in dealings with faculty, campus administrators and government officials.

Student Government is comprised of student leaders who seek to provide the ultimate college experience and uphold the mission and vision of AS Student leaders encourage shared governance, student advocacy and collaboration with other campus and community entities.

Number of Student Votes 5,778 out of 33,682 students
(17.2% voter turnout)

Non-AS committees

  • Student Enrollment Planning Committee
  • Classroom Technology Committee
  • University Budget Planning Committee
  • LGBTQ Advisory Committee
  • Student Retention and Graduation Committee
  • University Student Union Board of Directors
  • TUC Board of Directors
  • Faculty Senate Committees
  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Educational Equity Committee
  • Educational Policies Committee
  • Advisory Committee on Academic Technology
  • Library Committee
  • Academic Grievance and Grade Appeals Board
  • Learning Resource Advisory Committee.


  • Lobby and advocacy work related Chancellor's Office Executive Order 1100 Fall 2010 semester
  • Lobbying on behalf of the need for increased Financial Aid for students at the state and federal level throughout the year
  • Implementation of "Red Couch Tour" open dialogue sessions with the campus throughout the year.

Club Accounts


Departments *


* departments overall, including STAR, campus and AS related

Student Leaders

27 Senators
14 Cabinet Members
30 Committee Members


27 Number of Senate Meetings
27 Number of Finance Meetings
60 Number of Committee Meetings

Legislative Actions

22 Number of Resolutions
85 Number of Referrals

Senate Bills

  • Revised SB-05-06-09: To Denounce Violence Against Women and Children
  • SB-2018-19-001: Investigate AB931 – Criminal Procedure: Use of Force by Peace Officers
  • SB-2018-19-002: Create Awareness on Rohingya Refugees Fleeing to Bangladesh from Genocide in Myanmar (Burma)
  • SB-2018-19-003: Gender Recognition Act
  • SB-2018-19-004: Bathroom Door Handles
  • SB-2018-19-005: Food Sale
  • SB-2018-19-006: Investigate Prop 8 – Dialysis Clinics
  • SB-2018-19-007: Endorse Proposition 10: Rent Control
  • SB-2018-19-008: Endorse Proposition 12: Expand Live Space for Livestock
  • SB-2018-19-009 – Call to Action and Blue Print to Increase College Graduation and Keep Our Economy Strong
  • SB-2018-19-010 – Endorse SB-320 Abortion by Medication Techniques
  • SB-2018-19-011 – Why Print It When You Can Email It?
  • SB-2018-19-012 – ID’s that help!
  • SB-2018-19-013 – No to Plastic Bags at Dining Locations on Campus
  • SB-2018-19-014 – Tradition of the Rose
  • SB-2018-19-015 – Statement of Support of HR 763: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
  • SB-2018-19-016 – LADOT DASH Bus Expansion
  • SB-2018-19-017 – AS Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • SB-2018-19-18: Resolution for the Creation of the Sandra Abrams Commemorative Scholarship
  • SB-2018-19-19: Resolution for the Creation of the David Harry Crandall Commemorative Scholarship
  • SB-2018-19-20: Resolution for the Establishment of The David Harry Crandall Spirit Award
  • SB-2018-19-21: Transgender Individuals in the United States Military
  • SB-2018-19-22: Associated Students Sustainability Zero-Waste Initiative
Sustainability and Recycling


The program has been recently renamed to AS Sustainability and continues to support the campus community by collecting paper, cardboard, pallets, inkjet and laser toner cartridges, cell phones, tin cans and beverage containers. In addition to collection services at over 200 locations on campus, the program supports and participates in various sustainability projects such as the award winning Sustainable Office Program, Green Events Consulting, and throwing educational events.

19 Number of Volunteers
22 Number of Student Employees


  • America Recycles Day
  • Recycle Mania
  • Earth Fair
  • Movie Nights
  • New Student Orientation
  • Residential Life Orientation


Exceptional Sustainable Materials Management program through recycling & resource recovery provided to the CSUN campus community; education and outreach to our students, staff, and faculty; Sustainable Office Program (collaborating across campus divisions and departments)



96,000 lbs


195,000 lbs


36,000 lbs

Bottles & Can


1,000 lbs


21,000 lbs

Plastic #1

11,000 lbs

Plastic #2

1,000 lbs


Laser Toner


Ink Jet



Ticket Office

Ticket Office

The AS Ticket Office offers ticketing services for nearly all campus events, from athletics and comedy to theater, music and more. Discounted tickets to local movie theaters and theme parks are also available.

In addition, the AS Ticket Office sells transit passes for Metro and the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA).

58,000 Number of Tickets Sold *

* for 350 events held on campus

4,600 Number of Transit Passes

Metro U-Pass

AS Ticket Office continued the U-Pass Program, offering semester-long Metro bus passes at a greatly subsidized rate offering students unlimited rides to campus, work, shopping, or anywhere they choose on any of Metro's bus or rail lines. The U-Pass subsidy funding comes from Associated Students and Parking and Transportation

3,200 U-Passes Sold


The AS Ticket Office offers discounted tickets to select theme parks and movie theaters for students, faculty and staff. Most tickets must be purchased in person at the AS Ticket Office, which is located across Subway in the University Student Union (USU).

18,000 Discounted Tickets Sold

New Attractions

  • Medieval Times


  • Top seller for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and sold out for Big Show 2018.

Finance & Funding

Associated Students (AS) provides funding for special projects, events, conference travel and more. Matadors can even access funding in support of student research and other scholarly activities.

  • Student organizations
  • Academic costs associated with the creation of original research, performance pieces, senior projects, etc.
  • Course-related projects or activities that extend beyond those funded through the State University Fee
  • Conference travel or travel relating to leadership training

Operating Budget



  • New Controller : Yvette Marquez-Smith

Club Accounts


Departments *


* departments overall, including STAR, campus and AS related

Student Travel Allocated


from 192 requests



130 requests funded

Scholarships and Grants